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Eight NGOs and the Volunteer Office of the Council of Tenerife will be in Santa Cruz Sal2.,

The Development Society confirms the presence of Eight NGOs and the Volunteer Office of the Council of Tenerife in order to install an information point for citizens. Thus, in front of the central office in calle Imeldo Serís, nº 38, 9 tents of 3x3 meters will be installed in order that non-profit organisations promote their activities and conduct workshops.

The organisation that will be attending are the Tenerife's Association of Women affected by Breast Cancer (AMATE), Spanish Red Cross, Tenerife's Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue (AFITEN) Christian and Manuel Canarian Sociosanitary Association, Tenerife Down Association - trisomy 21, KAIROS; Association, World Association Brahma Kumaris, Association for Training, Awareness and Prevention of Social Educational Values (FORPRESEN) and the Office of Volunteer of the Cabildo of Tenerife.

It should be noted that this area will be open between 10:00 and 22:00 hours and will include workshops, lectures, storytelling and information will be offered by each NGO.

The programming that will take place in this zone include the workshop "Reciclaje de andar por casa" [Around-the-house Recycling] from 11:00 to 13:00 and Storytelling from 17:00 to 18:00 pm in the tent of Christian and Manuel Canarian Sociosanitary Association. For its part, the Kairos Association, in 15-minute sessions, will hold the talk "Hoy son ellos, Mañana Puedes Ser Tú" [Today it is them, tomorrow it could be you]. Also, at 19:30 the talk "Transforma la Ira en Calma Interior" ['Transform Anger into Inner Calm'] will be held in the space of the Brahma Kumaris World Association. Finally, the Volunteer Bureau of Tenerife Council will hold a workshop of Solidarity and Volunteering throughout the entire day.


As part of this day, the Development Society has announced Santa Cruz Sal2's 1st amateur photography contest through mobile devices. In this way, it is intended that the thousands of potential customers and visitors who come to the capital of Tenerife on October 6 reflect how both the fair and the area of gastronomy are perceived.

For Santa Cruz Sal2's 1st amateur photography contest through mobile devices two categories have been established:

- Gastronomic area photo: In this category value will be given to photos showing some gastronomic part of the event. The winner will receive a set of products courtesy of the Canary Islands Brewing Company, SA.

- SC Sal2 Photo: must capture the atmosphere on the streets, stands, products, one of the entertainment activities, consumers, event details ... The prize for this category consist of a camera model AgfaPhoto Semi-Reflex Selecta 16Mpx LCD courtesy of LALO Electronic, SL.

Moreover, it is important to remember that during next October 6 there there will also be awards for the three most innovative businesses and for the two stores with the most creative decoration.

News and location

This Saturday October 6 the capital of Tenerife will celebrate the third edition of 'Santa Cruz Sal2' with important innovations. From 10:00 to 22:00 the city will live a day in which all the shops will be at the people's disposal to offer discounts and reduced price items.

This third edition will have some new innovations like a space dedicated to the promotion of the gastronomy of the city and one for the most innovative businesses, as well as musical performances and entertainment for all audiences.

On this occasion it was decided that the event will focus on the perimeter that runs between the calle La Noria, Plaza de La Candelaria, calle del Castillo, Plaza del Príncipe, Parque Boulevard, calle Valentin Sanz, Plaza del Chicharro, calle San José , Plaza del Patriotismo and calle Pérez Galdos.

As for now there is a register of 118 businesses, 13 restaurants, 11 renowned bands in the city and 11 innovative businesses. It involves 97 stores of Ifara Central District, 14 of the south west, 14 of Salud La Salle; 3 of Ofra and one of Anaga.

As in previous editions, the establishments will be presented in three forms: outdoor stands, shops with distinctive signs and establishments with a table placed outside.

Santa Cruz Out2 is organised by the Society of Development, the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Autonomous Organization of Festivals, the Autonomous Organization of Culture and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation with the commerce of the city. It counts on Cuatromoción as official sponsor, the VW Network, Skoda and Audi with its low cost cars Dasweltauto.
This exhibition, with more than 80 units, open from this Thursday until the 6th of October in the parking of the Maritime Park of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Attendants will have the opportunity to find vehicles with prices from 4,900 Euros.
Santa Cruz also counts with the collaboration of McDonald's, Danone, CitySightseeing, Mutua Tinerfeña, Titsa, Avantis, ARCO Cocinas, Kuserv, Fuente Alta, Escuela Canaria de Imagen y Moda [ Canarian School of Photography and Fashion], Sustainable Santa Cruz Foundation, Dorada, Libbys, Fred Olsen, Arjé, Weyler Parking, Boulevard Parking, Nuestra Señora de África Parking, El Pilar Parking, Lalo Electronics, Cajasiete ,Movistar, Metropolitano de Tenerife and Cepsa.

Communication Channels

Regarding the communication strategy of the event, the Society for the Development of Tenerife capital through the SC Department Online, has positioned the event in media and digital tools. The web is active, a specific profile on the social network Facebook and a support in the dissemination of information through the entity capital profile on Twitter.

The website contains all the information about the event, organised into four nodes of information: 'SC Sal2', ' Tapas ' Carousel 'tents' and 'activities'. In each of these tabs the user will find geo-referenced information about the location of each activity, a brief description is provided of it, and also information about bus stops and nearby trams, tourist information offices, parking ...

For the social network Facebook, the capital entity has created a web page called Santa Cruz Sal2 which, together with the web page of the Development Society that spread the main news of the day to day of the event, create interactions with users, answer questions, and share the progress of the event.

Santa Cruz Online reported that the channel of Society Development of the social network Twitter (@ SocDesarrollo) is also being used to disseminate information about the third edition of Santa Cruz Sal2.

All these channels join in to those already used routinely by the capital entity, as were the websites and

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